Norske utenrikske portotakster & gebyrer 1875 2000

(Norwegian postal rates and fees to foreign destinations 1875 2000)


Finally, the book on foreign postage rates and fees is ready. The book has 633 pages and weighs 1.85 kg. It contains all rates and fees in the period 1875 to 2000, with the exception of airmail rates and parcel post rates.The index, preface and introduction have been translated to English. There are also Norwegian English and English Norwegian vocabularies


The book has 11 chapters:
1. The Universal Postal Union
2. Letter post
3. Postal wrapper
4. Bulk mail
5. Subscription service
6. Registration and insurance
7. Postal Financial Services
8. Unpaid/insufficiently paid and forwarded/returned
9. Miscellaneous mail
10. Various fees and charges
11. Rates to countries outside the Universal Postal Union

Ordering the book:
The price is 500 NOK plus p&p.

Please contact Kristian Aune for postage cost and paying methods.